Uh… its Thanksgiving

26 Nov

Im thankful for…well we all say the same things, but truely I am thankful for my health and the health of my kids and family.  Everything else is icing on the cake.

But let me post something about Thanksgiving. Okay nothing new…ate dinner at Auntie Kim’s, played games and left. Thats it every year. I need a new memory for these kids on this day because they really have no idea. Maybe I can make something on this day with them, something that will make them think in years to come…”oh we used to do….on thanks giving every year!”  I love those kind of memories and for this day my kids at this point have none, well other than eating at Auntie Kims and trying to get the hell out before they get bored. No offense Aunty Kim…I love it!

But we did this over there! We also played games that my kids didnt win. LAME! Such a sore loser I am. Maybe thats why Kadin is the way he is…?

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/28033582@N03/5208081785/” title=”Amai’s hand turkey by Finisews, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5050/5208081785_a3de710451.jpg” width=”500″ height=”411″ alt=”Amai’s hand turkey” /></a>



26 Nov



I made about 15 of these babies thanks to a great tut. Noodlehead blog did a well written tutorial on these zipper pouches. The illustrations and step by step instructions were perfect for me!  I’m going to fill these with earings and a gift card for some girls and maybe a few for my coworkers. Now that I’m a pro with the zipper part I’m going for it and making more.

I even made some of these all by myself. I might make a few for Amai’s friends. Isnt this fabric adorable! Wish I had Hello Kitty or something like it because I don’t even know if kids these days know who Bambi is. So sad. But Amai loved hers she even put pencils in it already. She loves every thing I make her. Gotta love daughters!

Red velvet

22 Nov


My diet stopped to take a bite out of this…not a bite but I ate two. Yes two. This recipe was from a package. Acutally William & Sanoma store…my friends mom made it with buttercream frosting. So good. I think I might get some and make these for Amai’s birthday but try and make it more pink if possible. Sprinkles Im thinking.


Thank god I stopped there and sent them home with skinny Julie!

Salt water dough ornaments

22 Nov



I remember making these when I was in the third grade living in Saudi Arabia. We made little arab men. Weird. BUT I had always wanted to try it again and make Christmas ornaments. Finally did it. It’s so easy too.

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water

mix and roll out. So easy. Then bake in a NONGREASED cookie sheet for two hours at 250 degrees.

We made a playdate out of it and had some kids over. We rolled out the dough, and had the kids choose their shapes. Each kid make a batch. Then they played while it cooked for two hours, ate lunch and then painted. We even added gloss to them with clear acrylic coating gloss in a can. I sprayed both sides to make sure ants were not going to be attracted to them. Here in Hawaii Ants like it all!

Julie and her girls came over and Kadin had Lennox come help too. The kids had lots of fun…but in the end it was more playing and less crafting. Thats okay though because Julie and I had fun fixing them up and enjoying our time together.

The things we do…

19 Nov

I love to be outside with my kids. Outdoors avoids tempers, TV, and mom sitting on the computer. I’ll admit it, when I’m home with the kids all I want to do it put them in front of the TV and me in front of WASTEBOOK. Why oh why do I love that site??? Thats a whole different story. So when it’s light out and the weather is good and when HW is done or minimal I take them out. Sunsets are our favorite and I hope my kids continue to enjoy it in years to come.  Hill and I love sunsets because we are usually working during this time and miss it. So to us it means no work and the end to a great day. Another reason we are lucky to live in Hawaii.

So when we are not sitting in front of the TV and computer here we are:

Eat drink Chic bags!

19 Nov

I so want to do this for Amai’s birthday! Maybe not this pattern but make my own bags with decorative tape. Isnt this adorable! Im so into this blog right now. I love her colors & her style!

D.I.Y Stylish Party Favour Bags. Free templates! » Eat Drink Chic.

great day!

18 Nov

I did a lot today! Amai’s birthday is coming up and I had nothing decided. Well its done. Bouncer/slide at the beach park with all her friends and family. I’m only going to invite girls from her class…who needs boys? Plus who can afford 20 kids plus family…NOT ME! I reserved the beach park, the bouncer and made invites…

holy cow that’s a large insert! lol..too lazy to change it. Its done.

I also did a short hike and will do some push ups and sit-ups…god I hate those. But LORD knows I need them…my arms a flubber. Yes FLUBBER. I know you think so…


16 Nov

Kadin has been bugging me for a playdate with a friend. Since soccer is OVAH…I decided to have one.  It was last-minute but thanks to our lovely friends parents these two were able to come over!

We went to the park and hooked up with more friends that were there. The kids had a blast playing soccer in the tennis courts. Kids in Hawaii don’t like shoes as you can see. At least one kid did the right thing.

Amai and Bella giving their best pose! Look at my daughters face…so feirce! hahaha!


Kadin and Lennox still get to spend time together but not enough. So happy that he has him living close by to just call and come over. He is such a fun kid to have around and both the kids love playing with him.



Im doing it…well sort of?

16 Nov

I started monday and so far have been sticking to it. Mind you its only Tuesday and the day is not even half over. But still I did it. I went on a hike each day and am trying to make “good food” choices. I just need more veggies. I need to prepare…but I don’t. I will. Tonight its spaghetti tacos for the kids. icarly started this craze and the kids have been asking for it. I of course will eat a little spaghetti and my salad on the side.

I was feeling pretty gross for a while there but I tell you just working out these two days have made a difference.

Okay goals:
Water, No candy (ie fruit snacks candy whatevers!), veggie with each meal.

I need to take small steps!

Im really I mean REALLY going to do this…

8 Nov

Seriously if I keep telling myself I just might do it. I need to lose weight and not just 10 20 not even 30 I mean about 60…yes six zero. No kidding. Something has to be done. As I’m sitting here typing I feel my chest being restricted due to my weight. It doesn’t feel normal, this is not me and this is not how I perceive myself. So I’m going to do it. Starting tomorrow things are going to change. Working out, drinking water and eating vegetables. Its simple actually the formula to lose weight is eat fewer calories. No pill no BIG secret. But its hard. I did it once and I know I can do it again. I will keep blogging to keep me honest. Who’s in?

My plan: By my daughters 5th birthday I will lose 10 lbs. Thats five weeks from now.

Monday: Shred 20 min (work)

Tuesday: Gym- one hour

Wed: Gym-class

Thursday: Gym (work)

Friday: Surfing/Gym

Saturday: off (work)

Sunday: Gym (work)

This picture was taken at dinner last week. Hill was employee of the month last year October and received at 150 dollar gift card to the restaurant. Tess his coworker set up this table for us and made goodie bags for the kids FULL Of toys…unbelievable!


7 Nov

We have been making progress in our town house.

We now have to:

Fix the drywall

place new floors (I won! We get wood/lamanent)

stain the fench doors

Im trying to figure out the layout of the place. We have been changing it around to see what we like. Hill and I didnt agree on the floors at first he wanted carpet and wood but I said NOOOOO all wood/lamenant. It took some convincing and now he agrees. Yeahh! He doesnt give in easy that guy. I wish he had no opinions and just let me do what I want….hA!

Here is a night shot. I’ll take more later…


7 Nov

She really wishes her hair was this big…

Today we were playing around in the bathtub and her hair got so big. I remember doing this as a little girl too. After a long 12 ++ hours of work this just makes my day.


8 May

 My little KK is six. That is what I wrote on my facebook page today. Really six. Six years and no it does not feel like I just had him. Its been a looong six years. Seems longer actually.

He has come out of his shell so much since starting kindergarden. He loves school, and loves going to school. I think he has only wanted to stay home two or three times from school. Other than those times he is ready to go. His teacher wrote in her progress note “Kadin has a deep passion for learning”. I hope I can keep up that “deep passion” I hope he doesnt lose it. He reads, writes and draws 10x better than he did at the start of school. He even starting making bubble lettters when he draws at home. He has read to Amai’s class once, and wants to do it again. This is coming from a shy kid that never wanted any attention on him. We are so proud of what he has accomplished this year and hope that he continues that in the first grade.

Some of the things Kadin is up to:

1. Can read simple books, Dr. Seuss.

2. Loves to ride bikes.

3. Enjoys practicing baseball almost everyday…but did not want to play summer ball?

4. Still in love with TRANSFORMERS.

5. Finally works the computer all by himself without my help.

6. Counts money, Dollars, coins whatever. Loves money.

7. Can tell time at the hour and half hour.

8. Loves to hike can make it 2/3 way up mariners ridge. Made it over the bridge at koko head stairs.

9. Favorite line “I know”.

10. Continues to whine like never before or like always I should say.

11. Doesnt eat veggies but all fruits.

12. Picky picky eater but geting better.

13. Sleeps in his own bed throughout the night.

14. Goes by the rules, even if the rules need to bent.

15. Wants to be a fireman.

Burger Hell

30 Apr

Remind me to never eat a BK again! I promised Kadin I was taking him to BK because he wanted the iron man toys. I knew this was going to be dangerous for me and my diet. But I went. I ordered only food for them and sat. Then I started to think how hungry I was and how “oh I didn’t eat today” next thing I knew my evil twin was ordering herself a whopper. To make things worse it was almost 5 bucks…Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Not only was I eating bad it was so not even worth the 5 bucks! So from now on its drive through AND dig out before I change my mind.

On the brighter side I ate well yesterday and the day before. This is what I ate yesterday…

This is a bowel of salad with miso dressing. English muffin with tuna, one slice of cheese and saracha hot sauce. Oh yea don’t forget the coffee!!

Season in the sun!

27 Apr

Gosh summer is just about here. You think because we live in Hawaii its summer year round. It is and it isn’t. It is warm but not summer warm. Summer warm is when you go to the beach sit in the water to just keep cool. That was this weekend. Well sort of. Because we are coming off of “winter” it sure felt like it. We did so many things out and about. Friday we had no school for Kadin and we picked Amai up early. We headed to the beach with our surfboards and attempted to warm the kids up to the idea of surfing. For the amount of surfing we did in the past our kids are scared to get on. Not this time…

 Well at least one didn’t. Amai is still unsure. Well very unsure. Kadin I think is ready to go. Amai did the usual at the beach playing in the sand and making castles. She is still very much a girly girl and loves doing that all day long.

 Kadin is needing excitement. Surfing might be one. Hill didn’t want to introduce surfing at a young age because he was afraid something would happen and they would not want to go out again. He wanted to wait for them to be old enough to remember or handle falling off and thinking its okay. Whatever…I just followed what he said. I was gunho from the beginning.  But I guess its true.

Then today Kim a good friend of mine invited us over to try out her paddle board. Oh my Kadin jumped on and so did Amai. It was nuts. I think we might have a great summer surfing after all…lets hope no accidents happen:)

Baseball…oh Baseball!

26 Apr

Kadin started playing baseball this year. Let me tell you…I didnt know how nuts people are about baseball. I played on softball teams when I was young but THIS??? Our team …well Jen (the team mom) said “We are the boring team”. I have no problem being the boring team. Our kids come to play and have fun and thats the end of it. The schedule is rough. Two games a week. One during the weekday and one on Saturday. Practices are one day a week sometimes two. Saturday is a big potluck style lunch. Weekday Jen opted to just do take home snack JUST for the kids. Thank god for this. I see the other teams doing potlucks till dark on the weekdays and just cant imagine that.  I am the one taking him to the practices and games during the week plus going to work. Hill’s schedule doesnt allow him to do practice or weekday games. Okay whoever heard of weekday games? Really?? During the school year! We are running from the time I pick them up at school, feed them snack, homework and get to the game the feild at 4:15.

But the positive part of it all is that Kadin really loves it. He constantly wants to practice on his own time and is really really trying to be better. He has made some great friends with some good families and really really loved his coach. The coach couldnt be nicer. I dont think I have ever heard the guy yell or raise his voice.

I love watching these little guys on the feild. Its so freakin cute! How they hustle, hit and run. Its worth it in the end for them. I shouldnt complain.

But really as I signed amai up with kadin this summer I got so anxious and almost turned my car around and take the registration back! But I didnt…

I’ve been busy Okay!

26 Apr

No I didnt have more kids. You’d think I did by me being MIA! But all i have been doing is playing playing playing working working working. Sewing??? Hardly. Cleaning??? NEVER. I have dust and junk to prove it too. I called my friend mary the other day to come over and swim and she said no she and her son were going to take the day and clean. OMG. Make me feel like a pig rolling in her mess. Really I dont remember I the last time I took a “day” to clean. With my kids helping????hahahahaha. This conversation made me rethink my way of living. I promise I dont live in a pig sty, but look closer and you can see dust and junk.

Then I think again and I say well, at least my kids will remember outings and going places and being outdoors rather then cleaning. But I need a balance. Oh do I need a balance.

So enough with the cleaning and “I need to” do this talk. We need to catch up dont we? I promise to run through our year with pictures and what we have been up to and learning.

oh the biggest news. I finally have a car I love. I finally dont own a BROWN car! After 20 years of driving cars I dont like here she is…snow white!


29 Dec

My little Amai turned three this month!!

December baby.

December baby.


one years old.

one years old.





Some  interesting facts about Amai at this age:

1. Can write her name, and loves to draw.

2. Is a night owl like her mom and dad, and is a great sleeper.

3. Still has her Kiki but is working on giving it up. Nope I didnt get rid of it yet:(

4. Thinks she is four and is tall as most four year olds.

5. Likes to push, scratch and hit. (something Im not very proud of )

6. Loves to sing in funny tones because she knows it makes me and Kadin laugh.

7. A social butterfly.

8. Loves anything and everything that sparkles.

9. Cant watch TV for no more than 15 minutes-too busy

10. Can use the bathroom (both #1 & #2) independently-yes wiping too!

11. Picks out her clothes and loves to wear dresses only.

12. Love beyonce-“single ladies”, and Rihanna “umbrella”

13. Loves to talk about when she was a baby “mamma when me was a baby I…”.

14. Loves anything princess-what three year old girl doesnt right?

We had a little party for her on the weekend and she loved it. Irene, her talented aunty made some Tutu’s for the girls of the party as a gift to her. The girls loved them!


They made  wands and charms with beads. Everyone was into making the wants, but not the charms. I set up the craft area in Amai’s room which worked out great.


The best part of the night for her was cake and presents! december08-195


She was a little confused…okay a lot confused, when she found out she wasnt opening EVERYTHING up under the tree too. A few tantrums and some explainations about Christmas and birthdays sort of cleared it up. Next year we might do this birthday way after christmas. Too much presents and parties in one month.


15 Dec

It has been raining like crazy here…yes we do get rain!

The scene out side my window the last week.

The scene out side my window the last week.

 This means no pool, park, or beach. The kids and I have been escaping the rain by going to the mall, which is not a good thing. It means more whining from the oldest about purchasing transformers and just spending more money in general. I hate it. I am ready for the rain to stop and the sun to shine again.

The good thing about the malls this time of year is all the fun Christmas things to do. Train rides. Today we went to pearl ridge to ride the little train and eat dinner.


Amai surprised Kadin and I at dinner and wrote her whole name with NO HELP! This girl amazes me…

Can you see it guys...A M A i

Can you see it guys...A M A i

As I was helping Kadin with his name she whips this out and shows us like she has done it everyday. I was so excited for her I wanted to take a picture. She was not into it, but allowed me to snap one without her. She turns three in two days.

After getting home late I had to put Christmas gifts together for Amai’s class and her teachers. I had been contemplating this gift giving thing for their classes for months now and just have been procrastinating. I was going to make wooden ornaments but was too late to ship them on time. Then going to make dough ornaments but scratched that idea after thinking about all the work. In the end I bought jingle bell necklaces from Longs and stuck a tag on it. Not handmade, but was able to make something for the teachers that I had been planning on.

for Amai's teachers.

for Amai's teachers.

I made them wristlets with D-rings at the end. I also included at 2009 pocket calender. These will match their bags (Oh the bags!) that Kathleen will give them.

Next up Amai’s birthday cupcakes + goodie bags, and Kadins class. Is it ever going to end??? Thank god I took a mini vacation this week to compete all this. I have until Wednesday to complete the bags. I have two more to go. Hopefully I can finish Tuesday during the day.

Look what I missed!

17 Nov

My old friends from SMA got together Sunday and had drinks without me! Such a bummer I wasn’t there…and look how great they look. Honestly these girls look no different from what I remembered them 15 years ago. Unreal. We had so much fun together in high-school. My house was always the sleep over place because I had no curfew. I remember sleeping on my giant water bed with all these girls crawling in at 4 in the morning. We always had so much fun together, sneaking in to charbenue’s pool in the dead of winter swimming at 2am in the freezing cold, riding in Laura’s grandmas big black caddy blasting blonde, and hanging out at Jack’s house. Such fun times. Facebook has brought us back in contact together and we are planning for another reunion when I visit next summer! Cant wait;) Meanwhile its more chatting on facebook…

15 Nov

Wednesday night I had to work. This means the day before I start prepping Kadin and Amai that Ojichan will be watching them and I wont be here at night. Hill works till 11 so this means from six to eleven Ojichan watches the kids. Not that bad. I feel I don’t miss out on much other than the night time routine, which I don’t mind not being around for once in a while. Kadin loves his grandpa but for some reason he will fight going over there.  Ojichan has got to be the nicest grandpa out there. He is patient, kind and always teaching them something. But Kadin is always been a mommas boy and never ever wants me to go anywhere without him.  Sometimes and most times its a full on cry when I leave. They take turns. One day Amai will cry and the next time Kadin will cry. I hate it. Lately I have been giving them something to look forward to the next day when I’m home. So this week I asked Kadin what he wanted to do after school on Thursday. He said “Hiking” and his friend Abby chimed in and said “to the lighthouse!” Okay, so there it is, we were going to Makapu’u lighthouse the next day mommy is off.  I slept till 1 after working and took the kids + my neighbors four hiking. Everyone was so good, no fighting, no whining and most everyone walked the two mile hike.


Amai needed help from time to time getting a shoulder ride from me and a piggyback from Malorie:


Kadin did so well holding his backpack with snacks and sweating like crazy. His hair is so long now and I’m not sure what to do with it. But when he sweats it looks as if he jumped in the pool.


This is such a great hike for everyone. The road is paved something unheard of here and its full of views all the way up to the top. There is a lighthouse, at the very tip of of the point.


and a great view of Makapu’u beach. This beach is strictly for body surfers and boogie boarders. The beach where Hill almost drowned when he was in highschool, but isnt it gorgeous!


We started our hike about 5 or earlier and ended back at the car at around sunset. The kids had fun and I had a little exercise. The perfect end to our day. The kids were all sleeping by eight, which means more time to sew!


I could not resist…

3 Nov

Hope I dont get in trouble for this, but I wanted to post about our evening at the beach. I just couldnt resist posting the pictures, but how could I not? Look at those booties running on the beach!! And we were the only ones there at this point.

It was getting time to go, and the sun was setting. The kids were so cold no one wanted to take showers. I then offered after much whiiiiiining from the boys to jump and rinse in the beach, sure enough they were all for it. Next thing you know we had four naked kids running around screaming and having a ball. Us adults sat there and took as many pictures as we could. Kathleen was thinking “blackmail” I was just trying to get the best bootie shots! Oh there was MORE but I better not. Maybe just one more…

Tonights beach fun included playing in huge holes:

watching a jellyfish (the stinging ones!) eat a pretzel:

snacking (what these girls LOVE):


 & hanging out with good friends:

The water was warm, the temperature was 80 and we stayed till after dark. The perks of living in Hawaii.

Halloween Madness!

1 Nov

Halloween was full of activities for us this year. Fun things, but we were busy! Kadin and Amai have been talking about Halloween since it ended last year. My kids love candy way too much, and a holiday that revolves around candy is like Christmas to them. It was extra busy with activities that involved making goodie bags for 45 different kids and some staff at the school. I decided to make the cookies and was up till two putting them together for them to take the next day.

They turned out okay, but a little too much work maybe.

Then there was the pumpkin carving. Kadin decided on a face, but wanted NOTHING to do with digging out the seeds or even taking the top off. The Mcdaniel’s were crazy about taking the top off and getting down and dirty removing all the seeds. Amai did some scooping of seeds with a spoon like a lady.  Kadin just wanted to plant his, and was running in and out of the house getting more seeds to plant. Who knew where? Probably in our neighbors flower pots? At least he posed for some pictures with his pumpkin mommy did.
carving with friends!

Amai’s pumpkin was a tiny little guy and boy was that thing a pain to cut. I could barely carve a face, but she seemed to be happy with it. She calls it her baby one.

Kadin had fallen at school and that is why he has a band-aide on his chin. We noticed later that his pumpkin had the same accident at the farm. Poor guys.

Then was the big finale- Halloween night! Amai dressed up in her “pwincess ballaweena” and I bought Kadin a bat costume at oldnavy for 10 bucks. Cant beat that! Thank god he loved it!
pony rides
ms. Mary face painting
Jumping bat

We headed over to the fun fest with some friends and had tons of fun. It was a good distraction from trick or treating but they did not forget. After some pony rides, jumping, and face painting we headed out for candy….
Bat boy and pwincess in action

we only went to about 15 houses this year maybe less. They were exhausted from the fun fest at the school which was great! We hid more that half, threw away all the lollipops and let them keep some. Amai was happy with that:)

Tutu tutorial!

25 Oct

No I do not have an one line tutorial, but I love on-line tutorials… don’t you? I could look all day and learn how to make just about anything. With Halloween coming up I had to look up costume ideas. My daughter is going to be a “pwincess ballaweeena” and I had to make her a tutu. No idea how of course until I sat down and googled it! Two ladies had tutorials and I followed the funny one. SUPER EASY! Took me about an hour total. Tutu in action

the only sewing involved with this is when you connect the elastic. Then all you do is cut and tie in knots. That was the fun part because I could just sit and watch T.V. I could not believe that is all I had to do.easiest tutu

How easy is that? I might add ribbon and other things to it to make it look cuter, but I kind of like it this way. Amai seems happy with it. Now only Kadin to do and I only work one day next week so i think I could get his done early too. Yes a week before Halloween is VERY early for me.

Halloween is coming…

23 Oct

I did a very scary thing at my house today. I watched my two neighbor kids and thought it would be fun to make cookies! It was fun for the kids but for me it was full of clean ups. Three to be exact!
Halloween cookies


I wanted to get them in the Halloween spirit and two I wanted to practice making cookies as little favors for Kadin’s and Amai’s preschool class next Friday. I looked up some recipes on-line for a good sugar cookie frosting and tested it out.
The recipe for the frosting was :

4 cups of powdered sugar

1/2 cup of Shortening-I used butter.

1 tsp of vanilla extract

5 tbs of milk

+ you add your tints of coloring to make your colors. I made purple, orange and white.

I let the kids make the colors for the frosting. OMG they had so much fun making the three colors. The counted each drop as the directions said and did such a great job of making the colors.

My plan was to make the cookie shapes before and just let the kids decorate them, while I practiced on the side. Didnt happen that way. I was busy at home on a project and didn’t make the cookies while they were at school.  I then thought of a brilliant idea of having them watch a movie while I sneak and bake the cookies. Amai who has a short attention span for TV, searched me out and caught me making the cookies in the kitchen. ” I help you mommy?” How could I say no right? I told her to be very quiet and quickly help me make these shapes before the other three see. Well all the pounding on the dough Amai was doing (I dont having a rolling pin) and the laughter brought in the other kids to see what was so fun. Next thing you know I had the little tables out and everyone was making their shapes!
Kids in action

The girls went nuts with the flour and was practically swimming in it. I had to bath them to before they did anything else other wise my carpet would of been tracked with flour. The boys were good at making shapes, took their time and thought out what they wanted to decorate. Anu thought of his sick mom at home and made her a cat full of colors.Keanu and his creations

 In the end we made about two dozen cookies. We gave some to their families and even some to Obachan and Ojichan. Oh and of course saved a few for daddy. After doing this I am not sure if I want to do these as favors. Not as easy as I thought to make such pretty little things. But then again if it does turn out really bad I could just say -the kids made them. Ha ha!

One down 14 more to go…

21 Oct

one down

I have committed myself to make 15 bags for my dear neighbor for Christmas gifts she will give to her coworkers. I didn’t feel so confident about it, but thought maybe I can? I have made four bags now and am getting faster and learning more each time. Irene taught me a lot and so did the SEWMAMASEW blog. Most of the learning is coming from practice. Hill has been my little critic looking at all my seams and noting when something was off or questioned me about things. God love him, but geez don’t LOOK so close. No really I do like that he is critical because it does need to be right if Im getting paid for this. I guess it would be like having Irene at my house all the time because she is very neat when it comes to her sewing. Im not.
inner pocket

So here is one down and more to come. Don’t worry I wont post each and everyone! Just my favorites:) I have ordered so much fabric for this event and am so freakin excited to get the box(s)!!

For Cammy

20 Oct

I caught my friend and coworker Cammy doing her make up in the bathroom last week. She was using a beat up ol’ ziplock bag to store it in. I took one look at her and said “Cammy, what the heck is that?”. She responded “Girl this is my make up bag!” She picked it up and showed me the beat up brown powder tinted bag. I said okay let me make you one. No No she said “I like this because its water proof, and when its pau I just throw it away”. I then went on to explain that I have some laminated fabric
Laminated fabric

 I could use and could she please allow me to make her one. She finally gave in and let me practice. I followed some links from Irene’s blog about making this triangle make up bag. I had to enlarge it a bit which sort of backfired on me because I think now its a little TOO triangular. SEE…kind of looks like a tent!
Make-up bag

Oh well. It serves the purpose of holding Cammy’s makeup and maybe she will even like it! I know Cammy is not such a girly girl so I had to keep it brown and thought I would add my cute little labels which also arent so great (after reading a few blogs I see fabric paper from walmart is not ideal, I have to get some plain twill tape) but looked cute in the corner of the bag.
My labels


17 Oct

I had promised Kadin a bag for Cubbies last year. Of course with all my procrastinating, it took me a whole flippin year to make one. Since Amai started this year of course she needed one too.

 Kadin and Amai's Totes

Last night I was able to accomplish these because my kids were sleeping at seven thirty! Yes its true my kids slept before eight pm. If you know my kids and our family you do realize that this is unheard of. Since starting school they have been sleeping earlier but not no seven thirty! I Think I did a little dance around the house and then sat down for some sewing. You think that after only sleeping four hours I would of been wiped out at eight too. NOPE! I took out my fabric sat down at my machine and sewed away till one am. Of course not the whole time. I had to watch Grey’s and the finally of project runway (I worked Wednesday night so missed the episode-thank god for reruns!) which I must say was Awesome! I knew Leeanne had in the bag. My husband knew who the winner was because he read the paper, but I guessed it. I looked at those three different lines and thought Leeanne’s was the best! The colors the fabric it literally took my breath away! I always liked her from the beginning. Her little quiet nerdiness appealed to me. Too cute, oh and lets not forget-she is from PORTLAND OREGON!! Anyways wasn’t this a post about Cubbies & bags???

In the end the keiki finally have some totes for cubbies…personalized totes. I always wanted to do a fun applique bag for them and this was my chance. After reading my sister’s applique post I had to do it.
Inside view

I wish now i would of done both of them in the red fabric, but wanted to use that cord fabric that I just bought. I think they did like them both. I am thankful that my kids always appreciate things that I or anyone else makes them. They are always saying “Oh you made it! Oh for me?…how?”.


16 Oct

Last week was filled with birthdays! I think five to six of my friends, and friends children had birthdays all in one week! Yes one week. The biggest birthday of all was Mal’s birthday. Not only did she turn 13, it was her golden birthday.
Happy birthday Mallory!

Kadin and Amai had a blast swimming past dark and playing with all the kids that came out. Best of all the menu was pizza cake and chips!

Kadin and Amai both just learned to swim this summer. I never thought my kids would swim till they were like 7 or something. Somehow by the grace of God they did learn and are little fish in the water. They are no way as seasoned as Abby and Keanu (touching the bottom of the deep end-NINE FEET!!!), but I am proud to say the can swim:)

Mallory and friends

Try not to laugh…

14 Oct

I’m not sure if I even want to commit to this blog thing, but I do want a way to journal. I would like to use this blog as a way to record events of my children and also show some crafty things along the way too.
"Smile please..."

Irene has inspired me to try and here it is.

My title is Amai lifeI. Since having Amai I have been inspired to learn to sew. Grandma used to inspire me to sew when I was little and it has always, I mean always been something I wanted to do. So since i just love my daughters name, how it sounds looks and what it means I decided to name it Amai . AMAI in Japanese means sweet. I discovered the name in high-school from a friend of my little sister lizzy. So years later meeting Hill (whom is Japanese) I brought it up to him and he loved it! So there it is.  Lets not forget Kadin too. Lets just hope he doesnt notice! Im just not creative enough to think of something. Any suggestions would be lovely!