Try not to laugh…

14 Oct

I’m not sure if I even want to commit to this blog thing, but I do want a way to journal. I would like to use this blog as a way to record events of my children and also show some crafty things along the way too.
"Smile please..."

Irene has inspired me to try and here it is.

My title is Amai lifeI. Since having Amai I have been inspired to learn to sew. Grandma used to inspire me to sew when I was little and it has always, I mean always been something I wanted to do. So since i just love my daughters name, how it sounds looks and what it means I decided to name it Amai . AMAI in Japanese means sweet. I discovered the name in high-school from a friend of my little sister lizzy. So years later meeting Hill (whom is Japanese) I brought it up to him and he loved it! So there it is.  Lets not forget Kadin too. Lets just hope he doesnt notice! Im just not creative enough to think of something. Any suggestions would be lovely!


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