17 Oct

I had promised Kadin a bag for Cubbies last year. Of course with all my procrastinating, it took me a whole flippin year to make one. Since Amai started this year of course she needed one too.

 Kadin and Amai's Totes

Last night I was able to accomplish these because my kids were sleeping at seven thirty! Yes its true my kids slept before eight pm. If you know my kids and our family you do realize that this is unheard of. Since starting school they have been sleeping earlier but not no seven thirty! I Think I did a little dance around the house and then sat down for some sewing. You think that after only sleeping four hours I would of been wiped out at eight too. NOPE! I took out my fabric sat down at my machine and sewed away till one am. Of course not the whole time. I had to watch Grey’s and the finally of project runway (I worked Wednesday night so missed the episode-thank god for reruns!) which I must say was Awesome! I knew Leeanne had in the bag. My husband knew who the winner was because he read the paper, but I guessed it. I looked at those three different lines and thought Leeanne’s was the best! The colors the fabric it literally took my breath away! I always liked her from the beginning. Her little quiet nerdiness appealed to me. Too cute, oh and lets not forget-she is from PORTLAND OREGON!! Anyways wasn’t this a post about Cubbies & bags???

In the end the keiki finally have some totes for cubbies…personalized totes. I always wanted to do a fun applique bag for them and this was my chance. After reading my sister’s applique post I had to do it.
Inside view

I wish now i would of done both of them in the red fabric, but wanted to use that cord fabric that I just bought. I think they did like them both. I am thankful that my kids always appreciate things that I or anyone else makes them. They are always saying “Oh you made it! Oh for me?…how?”.


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