For Cammy

20 Oct

I caught my friend and coworker Cammy doing her make up in the bathroom last week. She was using a beat up ol’ ziplock bag to store it in. I took one look at her and said “Cammy, what the heck is that?”. She responded “Girl this is my make up bag!” She picked it up and showed me the beat up brown powder tinted bag. I said okay let me make you one. No No she said “I like this because its water proof, and when its pau I just throw it away”. I then went on to explain that I have some laminated fabric
Laminated fabric

 I could use and could she please allow me to make her one. She finally gave in and let me practice. I followed some links from Irene’s blog about making this triangle make up bag. I had to enlarge it a bit which sort of backfired on me because I think now its a little TOO triangular. SEE…kind of looks like a tent!
Make-up bag

Oh well. It serves the purpose of holding Cammy’s makeup and maybe she will even like it! I know Cammy is not such a girly girl so I had to keep it brown and thought I would add my cute little labels which also arent so great (after reading a few blogs I see fabric paper from walmart is not ideal, I have to get some plain twill tape) but looked cute in the corner of the bag.
My labels


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