One down 14 more to go…

21 Oct

one down

I have committed myself to make 15 bags for my dear neighbor for Christmas gifts she will give to her coworkers. I didn’t feel so confident about it, but thought maybe I can? I have made four bags now and am getting faster and learning more each time. Irene taught me a lot and so did the SEWMAMASEW blog. Most of the learning is coming from practice. Hill has been my little critic looking at all my seams and noting when something was off or questioned me about things. God love him, but geez don’t LOOK so close. No really I do like that he is critical because it does need to be right if Im getting paid for this. I guess it would be like having Irene at my house all the time because she is very neat when it comes to her sewing. Im not.
inner pocket

So here is one down and more to come. Don’t worry I wont post each and everyone! Just my favorites:) I have ordered so much fabric for this event and am so freakin excited to get the box(s)!!


2 Responses to “One down 14 more to go…”

  1. Irene October 21, 2008 at 2:30 pm #

    I can’t believe you’re even adding the extra lining strip to the front… AND pockets! Okay, you’re crazy, but you’re starting now so that’s good. I bet after making what like 30 of those little zipper pouches, 15 bags is nothing!
    Good job, by the way. Your fabric choices are right on and I love that button.

  2. hillfini October 21, 2008 at 7:14 pm #

    Thanks. I dont know if all of them will be two toned like that but we shall see. The linning strip was on the back too. Craziness. But it only took me two hours. Seems like a long time I know but for me that was quick!

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