Halloween is coming…

23 Oct

I did a very scary thing at my house today. I watched my two neighbor kids and thought it would be fun to make cookies! It was fun for the kids but for me it was full of clean ups. Three to be exact!
Halloween cookies


I wanted to get them in the Halloween spirit and two I wanted to practice making cookies as little favors for Kadin’s and Amai’s preschool class next Friday. I looked up some recipes on-line for a good sugar cookie frosting and tested it out.
The recipe for the frosting was :

4 cups of powdered sugar

1/2 cup of Shortening-I used butter.

1 tsp of vanilla extract

5 tbs of milk

+ you add your tints of coloring to make your colors. I made purple, orange and white.

I let the kids make the colors for the frosting. OMG they had so much fun making the three colors. The counted each drop as the directions said and did such a great job of making the colors.

My plan was to make the cookie shapes before and just let the kids decorate them, while I practiced on the side. Didnt happen that way. I was busy at home on a project and didn’t make the cookies while they were at school.  I then thought of a brilliant idea of having them watch a movie while I sneak and bake the cookies. Amai who has a short attention span for TV, searched me out and caught me making the cookies in the kitchen. ” I help you mommy?” How could I say no right? I told her to be very quiet and quickly help me make these shapes before the other three see. Well all the pounding on the dough Amai was doing (I dont having a rolling pin) and the laughter brought in the other kids to see what was so fun. Next thing you know I had the little tables out and everyone was making their shapes!
Kids in action

The girls went nuts with the flour and was practically swimming in it. I had to bath them to before they did anything else other wise my carpet would of been tracked with flour. The boys were good at making shapes, took their time and thought out what they wanted to decorate. Anu thought of his sick mom at home and made her a cat full of colors.Keanu and his creations

 In the end we made about two dozen cookies. We gave some to their families and even some to Obachan and Ojichan. Oh and of course saved a few for daddy. After doing this I am not sure if I want to do these as favors. Not as easy as I thought to make such pretty little things. But then again if it does turn out really bad I could just say -the kids made them. Ha ha!


One Response to “Halloween is coming…”

  1. Irene October 25, 2008 at 12:02 am #

    Those look great. I love how the boys were the pastry chefs!

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