Halloween Madness!

1 Nov

Halloween was full of activities for us this year. Fun things, but we were busy! Kadin and Amai have been talking about Halloween since it ended last year. My kids love candy way too much, and a holiday that revolves around candy is like Christmas to them. It was extra busy with activities that involved making goodie bags for 45 different kids and some staff at the school. I decided to make the cookies and was up till two putting them together for them to take the next day.

They turned out okay, but a little too much work maybe.

Then there was the pumpkin carving. Kadin decided on a face, but wanted NOTHING to do with digging out the seeds or even taking the top off. The Mcdaniel’s were crazy about taking the top off and getting down and dirty removing all the seeds. Amai did some scooping of seeds with a spoon like a lady.  Kadin just wanted to plant his, and was running in and out of the house getting more seeds to plant. Who knew where? Probably in our neighbors flower pots? At least he posed for some pictures with his pumpkin mommy did.
carving with friends!

Amai’s pumpkin was a tiny little guy and boy was that thing a pain to cut. I could barely carve a face, but she seemed to be happy with it. She calls it her baby one.

Kadin had fallen at school and that is why he has a band-aide on his chin. We noticed later that his pumpkin had the same accident at the farm. Poor guys.

Then was the big finale- Halloween night! Amai dressed up in her “pwincess ballaweena” and I bought Kadin a bat costume at oldnavy for 10 bucks. Cant beat that! Thank god he loved it!
pony rides
ms. Mary face painting
Jumping bat

We headed over to the fun fest with some friends and had tons of fun. It was a good distraction from trick or treating but they did not forget. After some pony rides, jumping, and face painting we headed out for candy….
Bat boy and pwincess in action

we only went to about 15 houses this year maybe less. They were exhausted from the fun fest at the school which was great! We hid more that half, threw away all the lollipops and let them keep some. Amai was happy with that:)


One Response to “Halloween Madness!”

  1. Irene November 3, 2008 at 5:50 am #

    Whoa, uh, Hi Abby! Kadin is as cute as can be in his little costume with that great big smile. He should model because he’s so good in pictures!

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