I could not resist…

3 Nov

Hope I dont get in trouble for this, but I wanted to post about our evening at the beach. I just couldnt resist posting the pictures, but how could I not? Look at those booties running on the beach!! And we were the only ones there at this point.

It was getting time to go, and the sun was setting. The kids were so cold no one wanted to take showers. I then offered after much whiiiiiining from the boys to jump and rinse in the beach, sure enough they were all for it. Next thing you know we had four naked kids running around screaming and having a ball. Us adults sat there and took as many pictures as we could. Kathleen was thinking “blackmail” I was just trying to get the best bootie shots! Oh there was MORE but I better not. Maybe just one more…

Tonights beach fun included playing in huge holes:

watching a jellyfish (the stinging ones!) eat a pretzel:

snacking (what these girls LOVE):


 & hanging out with good friends:

The water was warm, the temperature was 80 and we stayed till after dark. The perks of living in Hawaii.


One Response to “I could not resist…”

  1. Irene November 3, 2008 at 3:27 pm #

    Okay, it was 63 degrees IN my house last night and that’s with the heat keeping it that warm! I am so jealous.
    I’m sending rain and wind your way!

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