Look what I missed!

17 Nov

My old friends from SMA got together Sunday and had drinks without me! Such a bummer I wasn’t there…and look how great they look. Honestly these girls look no different from what I remembered them 15 years ago. Unreal. We had so much fun together in high-school. My house was always the sleep over place because I had no curfew. I remember sleeping on my giant water bed with all these girls crawling in at 4 in the morning. We always had so much fun together, sneaking in to charbenue’s pool in the dead of winter swimming at 2am in the freezing cold, riding in Laura’s grandmas big black caddy blasting blonde, and hanging out at Jack’s house. Such fun times. Facebook has brought us back in contact together and we are planning for another reunion when I visit next summer! Cant wait;) Meanwhile its more chatting on facebook…


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