15 Dec

It has been raining like crazy here…yes we do get rain!

The scene out side my window the last week.

The scene out side my window the last week.

 This means no pool, park, or beach. The kids and I have been escaping the rain by going to the mall, which is not a good thing. It means more whining from the oldest about purchasing transformers and just spending more money in general. I hate it. I am ready for the rain to stop and the sun to shine again.

The good thing about the malls this time of year is all the fun Christmas things to do. Train rides. Today we went to pearl ridge to ride the little train and eat dinner.


Amai surprised Kadin and I at dinner and wrote her whole name with NO HELP! This girl amazes me…

Can you see it guys...A M A i

Can you see it guys...A M A i

As I was helping Kadin with his name she whips this out and shows us like she has done it everyday. I was so excited for her I wanted to take a picture. She was not into it, but allowed me to snap one without her. She turns three in two days.

After getting home late I had to put Christmas gifts together for Amai’s class and her teachers. I had been contemplating this gift giving thing for their classes for months now and just have been procrastinating. I was going to make wooden ornaments but was too late to ship them on time. Then going to make dough ornaments but scratched that idea after thinking about all the work. In the end I bought jingle bell necklaces from Longs and stuck a tag on it. Not handmade, but was able to make something for the teachers that I had been planning on.

for Amai's teachers.

for Amai's teachers.

I made them wristlets with D-rings at the end. I also included at 2009 pocket calender. These will match their bags (Oh the bags!) that Kathleen will give them.

Next up Amai’s birthday cupcakes + goodie bags, and Kadins class. Is it ever going to end??? Thank god I took a mini vacation this week to compete all this. I have until Wednesday to complete the bags. I have two more to go. Hopefully I can finish Tuesday during the day.


One Response to “Rain”

  1. Irene December 16, 2008 at 3:44 am #

    Ha, for ONCE, I’m not jealous of your weather. And my goodness that Amai. She’s a bullet!

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