29 Dec

My little Amai turned three this month!!

December baby.

December baby.


one years old.

one years old.





Some  interesting facts about Amai at this age:

1. Can write her name, and loves to draw.

2. Is a night owl like her mom and dad, and is a great sleeper.

3. Still has her Kiki but is working on giving it up. Nope I didnt get rid of it yet:(

4. Thinks she is four and is tall as most four year olds.

5. Likes to push, scratch and hit. (something Im not very proud of )

6. Loves to sing in funny tones because she knows it makes me and Kadin laugh.

7. A social butterfly.

8. Loves anything and everything that sparkles.

9. Cant watch TV for no more than 15 minutes-too busy

10. Can use the bathroom (both #1 & #2) independently-yes wiping too!

11. Picks out her clothes and loves to wear dresses only.

12. Love beyonce-“single ladies”, and Rihanna “umbrella”

13. Loves to talk about when she was a baby “mamma when me was a baby I…”.

14. Loves anything princess-what three year old girl doesnt right?

We had a little party for her on the weekend and she loved it. Irene, her talented aunty made some Tutu’s for the girls of the party as a gift to her. The girls loved them!


They made  wands and charms with beads. Everyone was into making the wants, but not the charms. I set up the craft area in Amai’s room which worked out great.


The best part of the night for her was cake and presents! december08-195


She was a little confused…okay a lot confused, when she found out she wasnt opening EVERYTHING up under the tree too. A few tantrums and some explainations about Christmas and birthdays sort of cleared it up. Next year we might do this birthday way after christmas. Too much presents and parties in one month.


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