I’ve been busy Okay!

26 Apr

No I didnt have more kids. You’d think I did by me being MIA! But all i have been doing is playing playing playing working working working. Sewing??? Hardly. Cleaning??? NEVER. I have dust and junk to prove it too. I called my friend mary the other day to come over and swim and she said no she and her son were going to take the day and clean. OMG. Make me feel like a pig rolling in her mess. Really I dont remember I the last time I took a “day” to clean. With my kids helping????hahahahaha. This conversation made me rethink my way of living. I promise I dont live in a pig sty, but look closer and you can see dust and junk.

Then I think again and I say well, at least my kids will remember outings and going places and being outdoors rather then cleaning. But I need a balance. Oh do I need a balance.

So enough with the cleaning and “I need to” do this talk. We need to catch up dont we? I promise to run through our year with pictures and what we have been up to and learning.

oh the biggest news. I finally have a car I love. I finally dont own a BROWN car! After 20 years of driving cars I dont like here she is…snow white!


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