Season in the sun!

27 Apr

Gosh summer is just about here. You think because we live in Hawaii its summer year round. It is and it isn’t. It is warm but not summer warm. Summer warm is when you go to the beach sit in the water to just keep cool. That was this weekend. Well sort of. Because we are coming off of “winter” it sure felt like it. We did so many things out and about. Friday we had no school for Kadin and we picked Amai up early. We headed to the beach with our surfboards and attempted to warm the kids up to the idea of surfing. For the amount of surfing we did in the past our kids are scared to get on. Not this time…

 Well at least one didn’t. Amai is still unsure. Well very unsure. Kadin I think is ready to go. Amai did the usual at the beach playing in the sand and making castles. She is still very much a girly girl and loves doing that all day long.

 Kadin is needing excitement. Surfing might be one. Hill didn’t want to introduce surfing at a young age because he was afraid something would happen and they would not want to go out again. He wanted to wait for them to be old enough to remember or handle falling off and thinking its okay. Whatever…I just followed what he said. I was gunho from the beginning.  But I guess its true.

Then today Kim a good friend of mine invited us over to try out her paddle board. Oh my Kadin jumped on and so did Amai. It was nuts. I think we might have a great summer surfing after all…lets hope no accidents happen:)


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