Burger Hell

30 Apr

Remind me to never eat a BK again! I promised Kadin I was taking him to BK because he wanted the iron man toys. I knew this was going to be dangerous for me and my diet. But I went. I ordered only food for them and sat. Then I started to think how hungry I was and how “oh I didn’t eat today” next thing I knew my evil twin was ordering herself a whopper. To make things worse it was almost 5 bucks…Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Not only was I eating bad it was so not even worth the 5 bucks! So from now on its drive through AND dig out before I change my mind.

On the brighter side I ate well yesterday and the day before. This is what I ate yesterday…

This is a bowel of salad with miso dressing. English muffin with tuna, one slice of cheese and saracha hot sauce. Oh yea don’t forget the coffee!!


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