8 May

 My little KK is six. That is what I wrote on my facebook page today. Really six. Six years and no it does not feel like I just had him. Its been a looong six years. Seems longer actually.

He has come out of his shell so much since starting kindergarden. He loves school, and loves going to school. I think he has only wanted to stay home two or three times from school. Other than those times he is ready to go. His teacher wrote in her progress note “Kadin has a deep passion for learning”. I hope I can keep up that “deep passion” I hope he doesnt lose it. He reads, writes and draws 10x better than he did at the start of school. He even starting making bubble lettters when he draws at home. He has read to Amai’s class once, and wants to do it again. This is coming from a shy kid that never wanted any attention on him. We are so proud of what he has accomplished this year and hope that he continues that in the first grade.

Some of the things Kadin is up to:

1. Can read simple books, Dr. Seuss.

2. Loves to ride bikes.

3. Enjoys practicing baseball almost everyday…but did not want to play summer ball?

4. Still in love with TRANSFORMERS.

5. Finally works the computer all by himself without my help.

6. Counts money, Dollars, coins whatever. Loves money.

7. Can tell time at the hour and half hour.

8. Loves to hike can make it 2/3 way up mariners ridge. Made it over the bridge at koko head stairs.

9. Favorite line “I know”.

10. Continues to whine like never before or like always I should say.

11. Doesnt eat veggies but all fruits.

12. Picky picky eater but geting better.

13. Sleeps in his own bed throughout the night.

14. Goes by the rules, even if the rules need to bent.

15. Wants to be a fireman.


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