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Uh… its Thanksgiving

26 Nov

Im thankful for…well we all say the same things, but truely I am thankful for my health and the health of my kids and family.  Everything else is icing on the cake.

But let me post something about Thanksgiving. Okay nothing new…ate dinner at Auntie Kim’s, played games and left. Thats it every year. I need a new memory for these kids on this day because they really have no idea. Maybe I can make something on this day with them, something that will make them think in years to come…”oh we used to do….on thanks giving every year!”  I love those kind of memories and for this day my kids at this point have none, well other than eating at Auntie Kims and trying to get the hell out before they get bored. No offense Aunty Kim…I love it!

But we did this over there! We also played games that my kids didnt win. LAME! Such a sore loser I am. Maybe thats why Kadin is the way he is…?

<a href=”” title=”Amai’s hand turkey by Finisews, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”411″ alt=”Amai’s hand turkey” /></a>



26 Nov



I made about 15 of these babies thanks to a great tut. Noodlehead blog did a well written tutorial on these zipper pouches. The illustrations and step by step instructions were perfect for me!  I’m going to fill these with earings and a gift card for some girls and maybe a few for my coworkers. Now that I’m a pro with the zipper part I’m going for it and making more.

I even made some of these all by myself. I might make a few for Amai’s friends. Isnt this fabric adorable! Wish I had Hello Kitty or something like it because I don’t even know if kids these days know who Bambi is. So sad. But Amai loved hers she even put pencils in it already. She loves every thing I make her. Gotta love daughters!

Red velvet

22 Nov


My diet stopped to take a bite out of this…not a bite but I ate two. Yes two. This recipe was from a package. Acutally William & Sanoma store…my friends mom made it with buttercream frosting. So good. I think I might get some and make these for Amai’s birthday but try and make it more pink if possible. Sprinkles Im thinking.


Thank god I stopped there and sent them home with skinny Julie!

Salt water dough ornaments

22 Nov



I remember making these when I was in the third grade living in Saudi Arabia. We made little arab men. Weird. BUT I had always wanted to try it again and make Christmas ornaments. Finally did it. It’s so easy too.

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water

mix and roll out. So easy. Then bake in a NONGREASED cookie sheet for two hours at 250 degrees.

We made a playdate out of it and had some kids over. We rolled out the dough, and had the kids choose their shapes. Each kid make a batch. Then they played while it cooked for two hours, ate lunch and then painted. We even added gloss to them with clear acrylic coating gloss in a can. I sprayed both sides to make sure ants were not going to be attracted to them. Here in Hawaii Ants like it all!

Julie and her girls came over and Kadin had Lennox come help too. The kids had lots of fun…but in the end it was more playing and less crafting. Thats okay though because Julie and I had fun fixing them up and enjoying our time together.

The things we do…

19 Nov

I love to be outside with my kids. Outdoors avoids tempers, TV, and mom sitting on the computer. I’ll admit it, when I’m home with the kids all I want to do it put them in front of the TV and me in front of WASTEBOOK. Why oh why do I love that site??? Thats a whole different story. So when it’s light out and the weather is good and when HW is done or minimal I take them out. Sunsets are our favorite and I hope my kids continue to enjoy it in years to come.  Hill and I love sunsets because we are usually working during this time and miss it. So to us it means no work and the end to a great day. Another reason we are lucky to live in Hawaii.

So when we are not sitting in front of the TV and computer here we are:

Eat drink Chic bags!

19 Nov

I so want to do this for Amai’s birthday! Maybe not this pattern but make my own bags with decorative tape. Isnt this adorable! Im so into this blog right now. I love her colors & her style!

D.I.Y Stylish Party Favour Bags. Free templates! » Eat Drink Chic.

great day!

18 Nov

I did a lot today! Amai’s birthday is coming up and I had nothing decided. Well its done. Bouncer/slide at the beach park with all her friends and family. I’m only going to invite girls from her class…who needs boys? Plus who can afford 20 kids plus family…NOT ME! I reserved the beach park, the bouncer and made invites…

holy cow that’s a large insert! lol..too lazy to change it. Its done.

I also did a short hike and will do some push ups and sit-ups…god I hate those. But LORD knows I need them…my arms a flubber. Yes FLUBBER. I know you think so…


16 Nov

Kadin has been bugging me for a playdate with a friend. Since soccer is OVAH…I decided to have one.  It was last-minute but thanks to our lovely friends parents these two were able to come over!

We went to the park and hooked up with more friends that were there. The kids had a blast playing soccer in the tennis courts. Kids in Hawaii don’t like shoes as you can see. At least one kid did the right thing.

Amai and Bella giving their best pose! Look at my daughters face…so feirce! hahaha!


Kadin and Lennox still get to spend time together but not enough. So happy that he has him living close by to just call and come over. He is such a fun kid to have around and both the kids love playing with him.



Im doing it…well sort of?

16 Nov

I started monday and so far have been sticking to it. Mind you its only Tuesday and the day is not even half over. But still I did it. I went on a hike each day and am trying to make “good food” choices. I just need more veggies. I need to prepare…but I don’t. I will. Tonight its spaghetti tacos for the kids. icarly started this craze and the kids have been asking for it. I of course will eat a little spaghetti and my salad on the side.

I was feeling pretty gross for a while there but I tell you just working out these two days have made a difference.

Okay goals:
Water, No candy (ie fruit snacks candy whatevers!), veggie with each meal.

I need to take small steps!

Im really I mean REALLY going to do this…

8 Nov

Seriously if I keep telling myself I just might do it. I need to lose weight and not just 10 20 not even 30 I mean about 60…yes six zero. No kidding. Something has to be done. As I’m sitting here typing I feel my chest being restricted due to my weight. It doesn’t feel normal, this is not me and this is not how I perceive myself. So I’m going to do it. Starting tomorrow things are going to change. Working out, drinking water and eating vegetables. Its simple actually the formula to lose weight is eat fewer calories. No pill no BIG secret. But its hard. I did it once and I know I can do it again. I will keep blogging to keep me honest. Who’s in?

My plan: By my daughters 5th birthday I will lose 10 lbs. Thats five weeks from now.

Monday: Shred 20 min (work)

Tuesday: Gym- one hour

Wed: Gym-class

Thursday: Gym (work)

Friday: Surfing/Gym

Saturday: off (work)

Sunday: Gym (work)

This picture was taken at dinner last week. Hill was employee of the month last year October and received at 150 dollar gift card to the restaurant. Tess his coworker set up this table for us and made goodie bags for the kids FULL Of toys…unbelievable!