Baseball…oh Baseball!

26 Apr

Kadin started playing baseball this year. Let me tell you…I didnt know how nuts people are about baseball. I played on softball teams when I was young but THIS??? Our team …well Jen (the team mom) said “We are the boring team”. I have no problem being the boring team. Our kids come to play and have fun and thats the end of it. The schedule is rough. Two games a week. One during the weekday and one on Saturday. Practices are one day a week sometimes two. Saturday is a big potluck style lunch. Weekday Jen opted to just do take home snack JUST for the kids. Thank god for this. I see the other teams doing potlucks till dark on the weekdays and just cant imagine that.  I am the one taking him to the practices and games during the week plus going to work. Hill’s schedule doesnt allow him to do practice or weekday games. Okay whoever heard of weekday games? Really?? During the school year! We are running from the time I pick them up at school, feed them snack, homework and get to the game the feild at 4:15.

But the positive part of it all is that Kadin really loves it. He constantly wants to practice on his own time and is really really trying to be better. He has made some great friends with some good families and really really loved his coach. The coach couldnt be nicer. I dont think I have ever heard the guy yell or raise his voice.

I love watching these little guys on the feild. Its so freakin cute! How they hustle, hit and run. Its worth it in the end for them. I shouldnt complain.

But really as I signed amai up with kadin this summer I got so anxious and almost turned my car around and take the registration back! But I didnt…


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